Life is a process, and that process is pure artistry. This is the idea that fuels Juliann Itter's (Jumay designs) photography and design. She knows that the greatest beauty can be found in the simple and often overlooked parts of our daily lives.

Life isn't about perfection but the experience along the way. Juliann practices this idea throughout her work as she seeks genuine situations that capture the authenticity of our experiences.

Life is about beauty. Juliann believes that every family, wedding, graduate and everything in between deserves that one photo that completely captures their uniqueness.

Life is about connections. Living abroad for several years has given Juliann unique artistic preferences and capable worldwide partners. Juliann seeks to understand the meaning behind the message and allow you to connect your ideas to your audience.

Life is meant to be enjoyable. Getting your photo taken should be a fun experience, especially with those you love. Juliann loves taking the necessary time to help you feel comfortable and relax while also getting that great shot.

variety gives spice to life. Jumay Designs and its international partners offer its clients a wide array of styles including clean and classic as well as heavy textured layers. No two clients are the same nor are their design needs. Juliann strives to understand her client's visions and partner with them in creating a quality product.

Jumay Designs originally began as a DESIGN company with a passion for people. Juliann saw the need for quality design for her hardworking colleagues abroad, and realized it was something she was passionate about and capable of providing. Her years of experience shine through in her ability to focus on her client's requests and provide a design solution that matches their vision. She has connections and influences worldwide and a wide variety of design styles and experience that she brings to every project. From posters, brochures, logos, book covers, business cards, restaurant menus, to magazine ads and everything in between, Jumay Designs has experience designing almost everything that can be printed. She's careful to work closely with her clients to help bring their ideas into a reality.

Living abroad for nine years offered Juliann incredibly unique opportunities to expand and grow in both photography and graphic design. Her creativity and passion for wandering the world allowed her to design for top corporations, tiny non-profits, international businesses and countless friends and family. Just a few of her clients include deepgreen (Kunming, China), Eden Jewelry (China), Henrich Equipment (New York), Actsco Printing (Thailand), WPS Printing (China, Israel, Russia), Fremont Abbey Arts Center (Seattle), Crossroads Career (USA), Within Reach Global (Thailand & China), & Susanna Burton Photography (New Zealand).

PHOTOGRAPHY has always been in Juliann's blood. Even in middle school she brought her camera along to chronicle a school trip, and that passion for capturing moments still burns strong. She never expected that her love of photography would take her deep into the forests of China, to the minority tribes of Vietnam, onto the beautiful beaches of New Zealand, through the majestic fjords of Norway and finally back to one of her favorite cities in the world... Seattle. Juliann works to get those natural and candid images that truly capture the essence of a person. Her photography experience includes family portraits, senior portraits, engagements, and weddings, as well as catalog and product photography.

Little known facts about juliann...

  • A bit of a wanderer, she has traveled through Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Norway, England, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, & New Zealand.
  • Juliann, a Bellingham, WA native, has lived abroad for nine years working on design and photography while based largely in Kunming, China.
  • She is excited to now arrive at shoots in her vintage Volvo rather than carrying her camera and equipment around Kunming, China on a rusty, old bike.
  • When Juliann moved back from China, she brought her Chinese cat back with her.
  • The name Jumay comes from Juliann's nickname (Ju) and the Chinese word for beautiful (May).

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